Tentative Show Schedule

Wednesday, September 30th

1:00 pm  -            Weanling Breeders Challenge Halter

                                Yearling Breeders Challenge Halter

                                Two Year Old Breeders Challenge Halter

5:00 pm  -            Opening Ceremonies

                                Registered Gelding Cart

                                Team of Registered Mares

                                Registered Stallion Cart Class

                                Mare Unicorn

                                Open Four


Thursday, October 1st 

8:00 am  -             Mare Halter

3:00 pm  -            Two Year Old Breeders Challenge Cart

                                Gelding Cart (Bred & Owned)   

                                Team of Registered Mares  (Bred,  Owned & Driven)


6:30 pm  -            Banquet


Friday, October 2nd

8:00 am  -             Stallion Halter

                                Gelding Halter

                                Group Classes

3:00 pm  -            Mare Cart (Bred & Owned by Exhibitor)

                                Gelding Team

                                Ladies Team

                                Registered Mare Cart

6:00 pm  -            Breeders Challenge Results

                                Best of Breed

                                Premier Halter Exhibitor

                                Men’s Cart

                                Mare Four

                                Open 6 Horse Hitch

                                Feed Team Races

                                Farm Team Obstacle


Saturday, October 3rd

8:00 am  -             Youth Showmanship

                                Youth Judging

                                Champion Cart Horse

                                Youth Driver Team (10-13 years)

1:00 pm  -            Champion Team


                                Youth Driver Team (14-18 years)

                                Ladies Cart

                                Open Unicorn

5:00 pm -             Welcome & Announcements

                                Tack Room Awards

                                Mare Six Horse Hitch

                                Costume Class

                                Amateur Four

                                Feed Team Races

                                Farm Team Obstacle


Sunday, October 4th  

8:00 am  -             Youth Decorating

                                Youth Driver Cart (14-18 years)

                                English Riding

                                Youth Driver Cart (10-13 years)

                                Western Riding

11:00 am -           Combined Mare & Gelding Six

                                Premier Hitch Exhibitor

                                Best Shod Hitch

2:00 pm -             Horse Pulls (Light & Heavy)